Vector File Unimpressed Frog Meika Gafu By Matsumoto Hoji For Download

This is a digital file download of the endearing frog by Matsumoto Hoji from the Meika Gafu collection from the Edo period in the 18th century. The drawing is commonly known as ‘unimpressed frog’, ‘grumpy frog’ and ‘gloomy frog’. You have 3 file types to choose from for your needs. (t shirt, cricut, sticker, tattoo, decal or anything else you need for)

  • png (300dpi 2000×2000 pixel, transparent background)
  • pdf(Illustrator editable, vector, lossless at any size)
  • svg (vector, lossless at any size)
White shirt

The stamp has been moderately thickened for easier cutting and weeding when using this as a decal.

For ai and svg file, the stamp is also vectorised.


Please note that this is a digital product and the gallery photos (shirt, mugs, tote bag) are images.


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