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Asian Kanji Symbols For Tattoo: Simple & Meaningful One Word

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Are you looking for some simple word tattoo ideas in a different language but still deciding which language to go for? The Japanese Kanji symbols might be the one for you.

What is Kanji & Why is it good for tattoo?

Kanji is one of the three Japanese writing systems and a set of symbols that represent words and concepts. For example, this single kanji ‘雅’ symbolises: graceful, elegant, of upper-class, sophisticated, classy, beautiful, aristocracy. Just this single symbol covers multiple meanings related to aforementioned concept.

Another example is 勇, which symbolises: courageous, braveness, manly. This is one of the seven virtues of Samurai warriors.

There exists thousands of these meaningful kanji symbols. If you are looking for a single word with deep meanings for a simple tattoo. There is a good chance that you might find the perfect kanji symbol for your purpose.

Japanese symbol tattoo variations

Although Kanji symbols can be used just by itself, it can also be used in combination with other kanji symbols. Kanji symbols are often used in the Japanese calligraphy to express; resolutions, convictions, slogans, theme, ambitions, and values. By writing it down on a special paper and put it on the wall, it works like a reminder every time you see it.

Another good thing about Japanese writing is that it allows flexible placement for words with more than 2 letters.

Flexible placement

Japanese symbols can be written with three different directions below.

  • Vertical (top to bottom)
  • Horizontal (left to right)
  • Horizontal (right to left)

The horizontal direction from right to left is rarely used in the modern Japanese but still seen at times. This flexible writing placement works in favour if you want a vertical tattoo on your spine, neck, behind the ear, etc, or on your knuckle.

4 Kanji idioms

The Japanese language has a type of idiom called ‘Yojijukugo’ (四字熟語), which means ‘4 letter idiom/compound’. An example of this is the one just mentioned above ‘Invincible’. That idiom consists of the four Kanji below.

  • 百: hundreds
  • 戦: battles
  • 錬: to train, practices
  • 磨: to polish, to refine

Putting these four symbols together, the literal translation is something like ‘hundreds of battles have trained and refined one’s sword skills’. In the old days of Japan when people are fighting with Japanese swords, if you are still alive after hundreds of battles, it means you are invincible.

There exists thousands of these four Kanji compounds and here are some of these.

  • 初志貫徹: Never give up
  • 諸行無常: Nothing is permanent
  • 前後際断: Live the moment
  • 有言実行: Walk the talk

Authentic Japanese symbols for instant download

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Happy browsing!

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