60 Kyoto Tattoo Friendly Sentō (Public Bathhouse)/Onsen Map


Looking for a tattoo-friendly Sentō (public bath) in Kyoto? You’ve come to the right place! Although there are dozens of Sentō/Onsen in Japan, not all of them are tattoo friendly. Here is the solution for you. This map shows over the locations of over 60 tattoo friendly sentōs in Kyoto and you can have it right on your smartphone using Google MyMaps. This will let you locate tattoo friendly Sentōs near you/your accomodation. Please note that there’s a difference between Sentō'(public bath) and Onsen(natural hot spring). This map is dedicated to Sentō.

To best enjoy your Sentō/Onsen experience, I posted an article on manners.

How To Best Enjoy Sentō / Onsen : Etiquettes, Manners and Tips

How does it work?

You have two options to have the map on your smartphone.

  • Directly access the map
  • Download the KMZ data and import it

Direct Access

You will find a URL link to the map right after purchase (it’s also included in the download file too just in case). The map is set to private and you’ll need a google account (free) to join YorozuyaMap group beforehand to view the map as only group members have access to the map. Please rest assured that none of the group members can see you nor contact you. This group is for having access to the maps only and nothing else. The map is just a few taps away if you don’t ming joining the group. This group also works for other maps offered here at Yorozuya.tech.

What if I don’t want to become a member ?

I understand that you are worried about your privacy. This is what KMZ file is for. You can download the KMZ file after purchase and import it to your google account. (There’s a download button on the purchase confirmation page) This will let you install the map to your account as well. There’s a pro and con for this option. The pro is that you can edit and customise the map by adding the spots that you want to visit. The con is that there will be more steps to go through. Once you download the file, you will need to log in to your google MyMap account through the browser (No Google Map App for iPhone users) and upload the file. The name of the map will become ‘untitled’ and you will need to make one for yourself.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me 🙂


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