7 Virtues of Bushido Virtues with Zen Circle (Enso) for Tattoo Design

7 virtues of Bushido, (The Way of Warriors; Samurai’s code of conduct)  and Zen Circle (enso : 円相) as well as Bushido in Kanji for tattoo design is available for instant download and you have 3 different writing styles to choose from. All Kanji are verified by a native Japanese speaker and Your favourite tattoo artist DOES NOT need to know any Japanese.

This design comes with a set of 7 virtues in Kanji, Enso circle, and Bushio in Kanji.

Bushido Enso Kanji Tattoo on Back
Style 1
Bushido Enso Tattoo
Style 2

What is Kanji ?

Kanji is one of the 3 Japanese writing systems. It is a set of symbols that represent words or concepts. Samurai’s 7 virtues are one of the most poplar Kanji tattoos that are simple yet have deep meanings.

7 Virtues of Bushido for Kanji Design Tattoo | Brush Stroke & Calligraphy Writings Styles

You might have seen those asian hanging scrolls with some calligraphy letters on it like these.They represent themes, values, resolutions, ambitions, and convictions.

Kanji on a hanging scroll
Tea ceremony room
Martial Arts Dojo

7 Bushido Codes In Kanji For Tattoo

The 7 virtues of Bushido are;

This design comes with 7 virtues in Kanji,  Enso ring and Bushido in Kanji (The way of Samurai).

Bushido virtues and enso for Tattoo

Kanji Tattoo gone wrong on 7 virtues of Bushido on the Internet

You can find many free images for them on the Internet. Sadly, it is very common to spot wrong, not properly written and even severe lack of important kanji, and people end up having those wrong symbols on their body…When I image-googled “7 virtues of bushido tattoo “, the result was shocking… Here is the search result.

Samurai virtues Kanji tattoo
Wrong Kanji symbol and incorrect stroke

This gentleman has a really impressive back! but to us, the Japanese, some of the characters make us go ‘oh…’

Another search result below with severe lack of important kanji for ‘Honour’ and ‘Loyalty’. Each virtue needs 2 kanji symbols.

  • Honour: 名 & 誉
  • Loyalty: 忠 & 義

However, the image blow shows only one Kanji symbol for them, 誉 & 忠, missing 名 for honour and 義 for loyalty.

Bushido virtues tattoo wrong kanji
Severe lack of Kanji Symbols

In the image above, I put the missing kanji in yellow to the side of ‘Honour’ & ‘Loyalty’ (The two bottom Kanji symbols). I can point out many more of these wrong Kanji symbols but stop here.

No Machine Translations = No More Kanji Fail

Kanji are very tricky scripts and some people end up with wrong/awkward kanji tattoos. Without proper understanding of the Japanese language and writing systems(require the use of 3 different scripts),  simply putting together the kanji obtained from Kanji generators might lead to Kanji tattoo fail. Even a celebrity like Ariana Grande got it wrong. (I’m glad she’s got it fixed with the help of her tutor and she’s happy with that Japanese script tattoo)

For this reason, it is best to consult a native Japanese speaker beforehand whether the kanji actually conveys the meaning you have in mind. To help people get the right Japanese writing tattoos, I started this online store. All letters here at Yorozuya.tech are verified by a native Japanese speaker, and you can download the letters right after purchase.

Instant Download

There is a button to download the file right after checkout and no need to wait for me to send it to you. Then you just simply forward it to your favourite tattoo artist. The letters are 100% accurate and he/she does not need to know any Japanese. The file contains both calligraphy style and line art (Stencil).Stencil is what your tattoo artist must have to ink the tattoo as it serves as the outline to trace the artwork onto your skin.

Letter shown : Yorozuya

NOTE : The letters DO NOT NEED TO BE MIRRORED, they should appear just as it appears on the print-out.

Letter shown : Fighting Spirit

Illustrator Friendly PDF File For Greater Flexibility

The pdf file is illustrator editable and your favourite tattoo artist can freely change the size to perfectly adjust to your need. Your tattoo artist can make it bigger without the outline getting blurry.

Kanji Tattoo Example pdf benefits

Also, the each Kanji / design is individually grouped and saved so you can easily pick what you want.

Click to Enlarge

3 different styles

You have 3 writing styles to choose from for this design.

each style gives different impressions and I have summarised in the gallery above.

How to order

Just simply tick your preferred style and hit the ‘purchase’ button. You have 3 writing styles to choose from for this design. Each style gives different impressions. In a nutshell,

  • Style 1: Elegant, Delicate
  • Style 2: Chic, Sophisticated
  • Style 3: Earnest, Sincere

Click the image to enlarge.

Bushido virtues and enso for Tattoo


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