Translate & Generate Japanese Symbols for Your Tattoo: Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, the Japanese Alphabet

If you are looking to have Japanese symbols for your tattoo, looking for a generator, and want to avoid Kanji tattoo fail, you’ve come to the right place. Machine translation and kanji generators still have a long way to go for natural & accurate translation and are highly likely to generate wrong/awkward outcomes. I, as a native Japanese speaker, will translate and generate 100% accurate Japanese symbols for your tattoo (in brush stroke if you like) so you can rest assured even if your favourite tattoo artist does know any Japanese.

The Japanese language is written in a mixture of three different scripts below.

  • Kanji: ideographic symbols – thousands of them
  • Hiragana: phonetic alphabets – 46 of them
  • Katakana: phonetic alphabets – 46 of them (for foreign words)

Writing correct Japanese with correct translation requires proper understanding of combining these 3 scripts. Even a celebrity like Ariana Grande got it wrong when she wanted just a short phrase like ‘seven rings’ on her palm. She got on her palm. These 2 kanji scripts mean ‘seven‘ and ‘ring/wheel/circle/loop‘ but when they are put together, sadly it means ‘small charcoal grill’. Tricky..

Since Kanji are ideographic symbols and represents an idea or concept,  the concept of is related to something circle. That’s why it has multiple meanings and changes its meaning depending on the combination. You see, it works like a variable in mathematics. In order to accurately translate, you’ll need additional letters. In this case, ring, you’ll need (finger) before the 輪. Putting these together, 輪, now it means ring. Now that you have Kanji for ‘ring’, can you just add that (seven) to it? Unfortunately no… You’ll need additional Hiragana (phonetic alphabets) in between. Seven rings in correct Japanese is  つの.

No machine translations = No Kanji tattoo fail = 100% confident in your tattoo.

This translation service is for you if you are looking to translate english phrase into 100% accurate and natural Japanese. The real phrases that you can trust. I will translate the phrase into natural Japanese or suggest matching Japanese idioms, sayings, and Zen teaching if applicable. Then you have 3 writing styles to choose from. I will create a jepg / illustrator friendly pdf based on your request. You can just forward it to your favourite tattoo artists. They don’t need to know any Japanese.

Having a script tattoo in the language you don’t speak inevitably leaves some degree of doubts. Somewhere in the back of your mind,  ‘Is this really the same as what I’m want to have’. Without having it proofread by the native speakers you can trust, that feeling might haunt you like a curse and one day, someone might find out the truth that you don’t want to hear… This service is for preventing and lifting that curse so you can rest assured.

How does it work?

Right after purchase, you will be directed to the purchase confirmation page where you will find a URL to my google form. Please fill out the form and submit, I will get back to you with a few proposals within 3 days. The form asks you the following questions.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Sentence / Phrase to be translated
  • Background / Context for the translation (optional)
  • Writing Style request
    • Stone Carving Script
    • By the Book
    • Brush Strok

Once you receive my reply, you decided on which design/phase to be finalised. Then I will send you the finalised file within 2 days.

Please note that this service is for translating for tattoo purpose only and not for documents. I reserve the right to reject and issue a full refund for what I regard as document translation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on twitter or instagram.


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